Athlete Resume

                 photo: Mike Thurk

Kelly Halpin

Mountain Endurance Athlete


Kelly Halpin is a professional mountain ultra runner and adventure athlete. She spent her earlier years climbing, hiking, and snowboarding in the Tetons and surrounding wilderness. For the past decade Kelly has merged her passions for running, climbing and exploring remote and wild places by setting fastest known times around the world and establishing long technical routes in her home mountain ranges. She enjoys the challenge of pushing herself mentally through difficult endurance feats, typically solo and unsupported. Kelly works hard through adventure and art to inspire people to get outside and connect with the natural world.

Mountain Running & Adventure

  • Climbing for 30 years (bouldering, trad climbing,  sport climbing, and mountaineering)
  • Placed 2nd in ABS National Bouldering Series Advanced Women’s category at the Hanger 22 competition 2006
  • Placed 1st in Advanced Women’s category at the 307 Bouldering Series at Enclosure Climbing Gym competition 2008
  • First female to complete The Picnic aka The Grand Teton Triathlon and the first team to do it completely unsupported in 2014  Website:
  • First female to complete the Moranic Picnic aka Mount Moran Triathlon in 2015  Watch Film by Unicorn Picnic Here:
  • First female/ first team to complete the Triple Teton Triathlon aka Triple Picnic unsupported team with Ryan Burke. Watch Video Here:
  • Teewinot Triathlon aka Teewinot Picnic solo unsupported Watch Video Here:
  • Third place female in the North Face Endurance Challenge Series Marathon Park City 9/2016
  • Adventure running in Western Greenland 2017 Watch Video Here:
  • Fifth place female Dead Horse Ultra 50k 11/2016
  • Top ten female Behind the Rocks Ultra 30k Moab 2017
  • Top ten female in Broken Arrow Skyrace 26k Squaw 2017
  • FKT Wind River High Route Wilson Dixion variation unsupported team with Ryan Burke 63 hours on 8/2017
  • Top Ten Female Dead Horse Ultra 50k 11/2017
  • Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link up 30 hours 9/2018
  • FKT Telescope to Shorty’s Well in Death Valley car to car solo unsupported 12/2018
  • Established/ FKT Cache Dash Traverse solo unsupported Jackson WY 7/2019
  • FKT Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup 23:46 solo/ supported 7/2019
  • First female to do the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup in under 24hrs. First to do it solo.
  • FKT Teton Crest Trail 9:11 supported (accompanied by Fred Most) 8/23/2019
  • Established/ FKT Teton Center Punch Traverse with Fred Most unsupported team 43:29 9/5/2019
  • FKT Granite Peak MT supported (accompanied by Robin Hill) 11:34:43 7/25/2020
  • FKT Wind River High Route Skurka variation solo unsupported 59:37 8/6/2020 (2nd overall fastest time as of 8/2020)
  • FKT on Teton Center Punch Route with Fred Most 37:29 9/6/2020
  • FKT Teewinot Peak WY car to car solo unsupported 03:09:08 (car to summit 1:49)
  • Voted women’s first place for the 2021 Fastest Known Time of the Year for the Wind River High Route in 2020
  • FKT Teton Circumnavigation solo unsupported 7:15:19 7/22/21
  • FKT Gannett Peak WY solo unsupported 14:39:37 8/12/21
  • FKT Fremont Peak WY supported (accompanied by Leif Routman) 12:38:29 9/14/21
  • Nominated top 20 women’s Fastest Known Time of the Year for Gannet unsupported 12/2021
  • FKT Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link up solo unsupported (overall unsupported FKT) 27:40:00 7/8/2022
  • FKT Teton Bullseye solo unsupported 15:38:29 8/1/2022
  • Established Teton Crest Uppercut with Fred Most unsupported team 16:50:19 8/9/2022
  • FKT Fremont Peak solo unsupported 9:44:44 8/30/2022
  • Nominated top 20 women’s Fastest Known Time of the Year for the WURL unsupported 12/2022
  • Created & ran the Little Belly Linkup with Brian Ralph unsupported team in 15:10:45 7/8/2023
  • Created & ran the Gros Ventre High Route with Aaron Milky unsupported team 17:57:43 7/25/2023
  • FKT Teewinot solo unsupported 03:02:35 8/24/2023
  • FKT Little Belly Linkup with Jared Campbell unsupported team in 13:42:33 9/16/2023
  • Speaker at the READY Series in Salt Lake 11/17/2023
  • FKT Camelback car to car (Cholla TH) 39:22 on 01/10/2024
  • FKT Superstition Ridgeline out &back in Arizona solo unsupported (overall unsupported FKT) 08:11:39 01/13/2024
  • 1st overall in the 24 hour Running Up For Air Grandeur race 2/2024 and new women’s 24 hour record with 12 laps in 23hours 31 minutes
  • Barkley Marathons 3/20/2024- made it 65% through lap two
  • FKT Huemul Circuit mixed gender/unsupported team with Brian Ralph 11:29:44 4/17/2024


  • Big mountain free rider and banked slalom racer
  • Personal segments in Storm Show Studios films Frosty Flakes in 2013, Land of 1000 Dreams in 2014, and Cliff Hanger in 2015
  • Traveled to Hakuba, Japan in February 2015 to film/shoot an all-female ski/snowboard adventure story
  • Traveled to Niseko, Japan to shoot, film January 2016
  • Competed in the NorthFace Masters FreeRide Series in 2012
  • Competed in Jackson Hole Dick’s Ditch Banked Slalom in Women’s Pro Division. 8th place in 2011, 6th place in 2014, 6th place in 2015, 4th place in 2016
  • Competed in the Legendary Mount Baker Banked Slalom in 2014
  • Established the Teton GreyBirds Facebook page in 2014 to promote women snowboarders in the Tetons


  • Speaker at the READY Speaker Series in Salt Lake November 2023
  • American Alpine Club Grand Teton Climber’s Ranch series speaker 2022 & 2023
  • Speaker at Women of Adventure Forum Durango CO 2019
  • Cover of Trail Runner Magazine October 2017
  • Featured athlete in the Guardian, Trail Runner Magazine, Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine, JH Skier Magazine, Teton Spirit Magazine, Wyoming Tourism TV Spot, Teton Gravity Research, Outside TV, Outside Online, Mountain Life Media
  • Featured in Top 8 Women to Follow on Instagram by Teton Gravity Research 2015.
  • Sports model/athlete for Title Nine, Stio, Patagonia, Darn Tough, Mountain Khakis, Montbell,
    CloudVeil, Medicine Wheel Wellness, Avalon7, Teton Orthopedics, and PavePara catalogs.
  • Personal segments in StormShow Studio films 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016.
  • Teewinot Picnic film featured athlete produced by WZRD Media/REI 2017 Watch Video Here:
  • Moran Picnic short film produced by Unicorn Picnic.
  • Running Greenland Film 2017
  • Teton Center Punch film 2020
  • Voted women’s first place for the 2021 Fastest Known Time of the Year for the Wind River High Route in 2020
  • Appearance on NBC Weather Channel’s “Weather Caught on Camera” 2014 season for snowboarding/working in high wind event at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Current Sponsors

Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Snake River Roasters, Gnarly Nutrition, and Niche Snowboards

Contact Information

PO Box 882, Wilson WY 83014

Instagram @kyehalpin


Contact Kelly if you’re interested in learning more about her athletic endeavors and sponsorship opportunities.